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3450 Skaha Lake Rd

Welcome to Skaha Pizza. A long-time coming dream of mine that I wish to share with you. Expressing passion through good food has been my ultimate goal as a chef. This is because love, challenge and adventure always seem to inspire my life and the food I create. We expect quality and care from every pizza we make.

Silvia Aidar, Owner




Order two pizzas and get $4 off!

Meat Pizza

Hot Supreme Meatlovers   Our signature tomato sauce, creamy mozza, calabrese, pepperoni, salami, Italian sausage, fresh green peppers, banana peppers & onions

M 24.95       L 27.95

Hot Capocollo   Housemade rose sauce, creamy mozza, Kalamata olives, capocollo, banana peppers, onion, smoked mozza

M 22.95        L 25.95

Danny’s Choice   Our signature tomato sauce, creamy mozza, cheddar, ham, pineapple, bacon & a sprinkle of oregano

M 22.95        L 25.95

Calabrese   Our signature tomato sauce, mozza, smoked mozza, artichoke, calabrese, onion & Kalamata olives

M 22.95         L 25.95

Pepperoni & Veggies   Our signature tomato sauce, creamy mozza, pepperoni, mushrooms, fresh green peppers, onion

M 22.95        L 25.95

Chicken Pizza

Chicken Bacon Ranch  Our signature tomato sauce, creamy mozza, tender chicken, bacon, fresh tomatoes & onions. Drizzled w. ranch dressing

M 24.95     L 26.95

Skaha BBQ Chicken   Housemade alfredo sauce, creamy mozza, mushrooms, tender chicken, fresh green peppers & onion. Finished with BBQ sauce

M 24.95     L 26.95

Chicken Pesto   Housemade alfredo sauce, creamy mozza, tender chicken, cherry peppers & onion. Finished with pesto sauce

M 24.95     L 26.95

Chicken Pepper  Our signature tomato sauce, creamy mozza, tender chicken, Peruvian peppers, Kalamata olives & onion

                                                                                                                      M 23.95    L 25.95


Veggie Pizza

Spinach & Feta   Our signature tomato sauce, creamy mozza, spinach, artichoke, feta, Kalamata olives & onion

M 24.95     L 26.95

More Than Margherita   Our signature tomato sauce, creamy mozza, smoked mozza, fresh basil, sweet Peruvian pepper & cherry pepper

M 22.95     L 24.95

All Greek To Me   Our signature tomato sauce, creamy mozza, fresh green & red peppers, onion, Kalamata olives & feta 

M 22.95     L 24.95

All Veggies Balsamic   Our signature tomato sauce, creamy mozza, smoked mozza, mushrooms, fresh green & red peppers, onion, artichoke, Kalamata olives & banana peppers. Drizzled with balsamic reduction

M 24.95     L 26.95


Pepperoni   Our signature tomato sauce, creamy mozza, pepperoni, onion

M 17.95     L 20.95

Hawaiian   Our signature tomato sauce, creamy mozza, cheddar, ham & pineapple

M 17.95     L 20.95

Just Cheese   Our signature tomato sauce, creamy mozza & cheddar

M 16.95     L 18.95


Vegan / Gluten-Free

Vegan cheese               5

12” Glutten-free base    5

Extra Toppings

Anchovies   M 3      L 4

Cheese        M 2      L 3

Meat           M 2      L 3

Veggies       M 1       L 2

Best Pizza

Absolutely best pizza I’ve ever eaten. Love the artisan thin crust, fresh ingredients and selections for types from savoury to sweet. Unbelievable clean set-up and friendly owner and staff. Doesn’t get any better than this…….



Great pizza with nice fresh ingredients and most import a delicious perfectly cooked crust!!! Exactly what this town needed


Finally Authentic Pizza

I am a local and have been to Skaha Pizza a few times now and I must tell everyone that the pizzas at Skaha are amazing. True thin crust that has great texture and taste. The choices are excellent and original; I am so tired of the same pizzas everywhere I go! I had the Galina Pesto and my wife had a Primavera – (a Chicken pesto and a Vegetarian) the presentation and the taste was amazing! I won’t go anywhere else now! They are a family run business and extremely personable and friendly; be sure to say hi to Sylvia the owner as you will see her passion with her food when you talk to her.
Skaha Pizza is on the Skaha Lake side of town and although this area is a bit quieter I am certain with the expanding residential developments in the area that Skaha Pizza will be the mainstay for this area of Penticton for many years (decades) to come! Great Job Skaha Pizza! I look forward to many more visits!

Scott M,

Great pizza

Wow! What can I say. The Okanagan needed a place that makes real artisan pizza. Nice thin crust but not loaded with toppings because the toppings that were on the pizza were so fresh and flavourful. If you want typical thick cardboard crust, go to one of the chains pizza places. Thank you for offering something different and unique. Great job.

Alana S.



3450 Skaha Lake Rd

Store hours:

Open Wednesday to Sunday 4 to 8 PM